Ninja Hood
Ninja Hood

Ninja Hood

Certified by:  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, CE

Ninja Hood

Disposable PP Balaclava Cap / Ninja Hood


Product Description

1. It can prevent hair falling to avoid possible troubles.

2. It is widely used in medical, hospital, laboratory, cleanroom, food industry, manufacturing, factory, restaurant, beauty salon, and daily life.

3. Face Guard.

4. Elastic half around the edge of eyes.

Product Type:Disposable PP Balaclava Cap / Ninja Hood
Design:Elastic half around the edge of eyes
Gram (GSM):12g/14g/17g/20g/25g (Can be customized)
Packing:100pcs/polybag, 1000pcs/ctn (Can be customized)
Color: White, Blue, Green, Dark Blue, Yellow (Can be customized)
Sample:Provided freely